Why We Celebrate 9/11

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I wondered how long it would take Our Rulers to correct their error.

Remember their urging us to be “vigilant” and to “say something” when we “see something” as The High Holy Day of September 11 approached, though they insisted there were no “’specific credible threats’ of attacks targeting the 10 year anniversary…”?

Alas, their vague gloom-and-doom apparently didn’t raise our blood pressure as high as they’d hoped, so now they’ve come up with “a detailed al Qaeda car bomb plot” that is “credible but not corroborated.” Hmmm. So does that translate to a maroon or a lavender “terror alert”?

Whatever, “CBS News … reports that residents and visitors to New York City this weekend can expect to encounter vehicle checkpoints, random bag searches and bomb sweeps of parking garages.”

Oh, goody. There’s the State’s reason for its newest holiday – and indeed, it’s entire War on the Constitu-sorry, Terror — in a nutshell.

8:35 am on September 9, 2011