Why Was Wade Hicks, Jr. on the No-Fly List?

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Wade Hicks, Jr. was kept from flying for 5 days and then allowed to proceed, because he was on a list maintained by the FBI Terrorist Screening Center. Why was he on that list? To find out, I searched google on his name. He’s from Mississippi and he maintains a web site called “Patriots for America.” This is a pro-Constitution, anti-Obama site. Among other things, its mission statement says “We will rely/trust the ballot box for peaceful change and not condone violence. Only as a last resort, when the ballot box is destroyed, will the taking up of arms be necessary.” It speaks of “taking America back”. It says ” We recognize that the present president and many current Senators and Representatives have acted as enemies of the US Constitution.” You can inspect this site for yourself, if you wish.

Adding to the site is that Hicks is outspoken. He’s on video here.

Anyway, my guess is that the FBI tagged his site as right-wing extremist. Why was his name then removed? To avoid FBI embarrassment.

I didn’t listen to his video. It’s interesting that since his publicity, someone listened and made this comment which I found after writing my own opinion:

“Well, now everyone knows why he was on the no fly list. He’s a tea party activist that actually believes that the Constitution of the United States are the laws upon which all other laws in the US should be based. The guy is obviously a right-wing nut. “

5:56 am on October 21, 2012