Why They Wanted to Censor Fahrenheit 911

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I saw Fahrenheit 911 yesterday. Whooooo boy, Michael Moore really nails the neocon establishment’s coonskin to the wall. Great footage of the WMD/Iraq-bin Laden Connection lies; Bush as he is — a simpleton and a tongue-tied dunce; the KGB-like secret service harassing Moore for simply standing across the street from the Saudi embassy; members of Congress running away when Moore asks them why only ONE of their OWN children is serving in the military in Iraq; Iraqis loading the bodies of dead babies into the bed of a pickup truck shortly after a U.S. military bombing; the shattering sorrow of a poor woman from Michigan who realizes that her son died for no good reason in Iraq; Wolfowitz acting like a disgusting pig, putting his entire comb in his mouth before combing his greasy hair; the mutilated bodies of young American soldiers who increasingly understand they are NOT fighting, dying, and having their limbs torn off for any noble cause like defending their own country; Bush’s Lincolnesque Homeland Security secret police harassing and planting spies among groups of elderly people who simply meet socially to discuss current events; the complicity of Republicans AND Democrats in Washington in this unnecessary war; and Bush’s phony “victory” announcement and landing on an aircraft carrier last year.

The one thing missing was John Kerry, who not only supported the war as a senator but wants to send even more troops to Iraq.

The film portrays The Party of Lincoln as it always has been: A cabal of money-and power-hungry political hacks enriching themselves through the auspices of the state while masking their true intentions with the rhetoric of morality, freedom, religion, democracy, saving the world, and other audacious lies.

My wife Stacey thinks every American ought to see this move; they can judge for themselves what’s propaganda and what’s not.

7:17 am on July 6, 2004