Why They Died

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The neocon establishment is broadcasting vitriolic outrage over the fact that someone has claimed that several American “soldiers” died while searching for the recently-released POW.  “They died searching for a deserter,” the neocons are screaming as loudly as they can.

No, they did not.  If these men did meet their demise, and this is not just yet another CIA lie, then they died because they sought employment as paid murderers for the state in a country that never posed any threat of any kind to any Americans.  They were legalized Mafia-style hit men armed with the latest killing machinery of the state.  They would be alive today had they not believed that it would be a neat adventure to go out and murder innocent foreigners in a Third World country for fun and profit.

UPDATE:  David K writes that everyone seems to have bought the government story that the soldiers died searching for their missing colleague.  But, he writes:  “Isn’t it more likely that they met their demise on a mission to apprehend or kill the deserter?”


12:36 pm on June 6, 2014