Why the GOP is irrelevant and clueless

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The GOP still thinks that the key to success lies in trashing immigrants, starting more wars, and kissing the backsides of crazed evangelical Christians. The small government agenda is a convenient ploy, but I’ve never seen the slightest evidence that anyone in the party (except Ron Paul, of course) actually believes that small government is a good thing. If they did think so, they’d have slashed spending and blocked all deficit spending back when they controlled the entire federal government for 6 years. As it happened, the GOP grew government at a record pace instead. So, in 2010 look for a lot of rhetoric about how them Messicans are stealing your jobs and how brown skinned foreigners are coming to get you. And bailouts are good! Just not Obama’s bailouts.

So here’s the latest illustration of the uselessness of the GOP. David Schultheis in the Colorado Senate opposed a bill forcing all pregnant women to submit to HIV tests. Opposition is good, right? Free societies don’t force people to submit to involuntary medical tests. Also, these mandatory medical procedures always end up being at least partially funded by the taxpayers. Right there are 2 good libertarian reasons to oppose the bill.

But why does Schultheis oppose the bill? Because, only immoral people get HIV and God wants immoral people to suffer. And so women with HIV should pass on their disease to babies (since the legislation was designed to prevent passing HIV from the mothers to the babies.) You can’t make this stuff up.

12:09 pm on February 28, 2009