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It’s old news, but still outrageous, that California issues taxpayer-funded ATM cards to state-supported welfare recipients at all. But why not? The rule in the bureaucracy is, the more of Other People’s Money you spend or give away, the bigger a promotion you get when your office expands to meet the “demand.” (How do bureaucrats spell “Success”? WASTE!!!)

Obama wants to bail out failed bureaucracies like California’s, so soon your money too will pay for trips by California’s needy to Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Miami.

“Government Charity” is a root of scandalous evil, depriving the taxpayer of the means by which he can exercise voluntary charity while demeaning the recipient and preventing him from being able to thank the donor, even to pray for him by name. The taxpayer with an IRS gun at his head is tempted to hate, not love; the recipient is tempted to scorn and fraud, rather than love (Saint Paul, I Corinthians 13: the greatest virtue is Lovecaritas, Charity).

The only way California’s poor can truly be helped is by unpaid volunteers who know the needy because they are their neighbors, friends, classmates, and fellow parishioners — with donors who freely and, yes, lovingly give of their substance to help the less fortunate. Unfortunately, the Catholic Church has followed the lead of the declining left-wing denominations and lets the government do it. Hence, Catholic Charities, USA, and its affiliates receive $2 billion a year in government funding, and returns the favor by supporting every left-wing welfare program in sight. (Did you ever wonder why they were so devoted to Obamacare, until they discovered at the last minute that it profoundly violated Church teaching)? [Hat tip to Brad S.]

6:36 am on February 11, 2011