Why Paul Krugman WILL Debate an Austrian

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Many Austrians have tried to get Krugman to debate business cycle theory.  He’s too busy and too sophisticated to debate an Austrian, of course.  Until now.

Economist Robert Murphy has come up with a clever way to make this happen.  Through a website called The Point, people can pledge an amount of money to make the debate happen.  Not one cent is charged to them until it does happen.  The money will go to a charity for the hungry in New York.  So if it hits, say, $100,000, Krugman will have to explain why getting $100,000 to New York’s hungry isn’t worth one hour of his time.  Brilliant.  I’ve already pledged.  Bob is up to around $5,000 already. (UPDATE: up to $10,000!)

Here’s his video promoting it (it looks like the law school one from the other day, but it’s a different video).

8:14 am on October 22, 2010