Why Not?

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I just read in a Christian publication a short editorial about encouraging young men to devote their lives to Christian service. That is all well and good, except for this:

I got to thinking about this the other day when my son came home from high school to say that the Marine Corps had sent a representative to speak to the young men in his class, and challenge them to consider a career in the Marines. While we’d never speak disparagingly of a life spent serving one’s country in our armed forces, this got me thinking about how our young men need to be encouraged to consider the eternal value of a life lived in service to the King of Kings.

Why not? Why not speak disparagingly about joining the military? I just posted what Christian young men will face when they enlist. We need pastors, like the guy that wrote this, to speak disparagingly of enlisting so young men will refuse to do it. And really, does anyone actually believe that joining the military is serving the country?

6:58 pm on March 19, 2012