Why Not Victory?

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The Washington Examiner, a new paper that’s much better than the old ones at ferreting out Washington corruption, is vexed that Obama did not declare “victory” as he withdrew the “last” of U.S. troops from Iraq.

Well, unfortunately, nobody ever defined “victory,” because the war was not undertaken to achieve one. Its aim was to impose permanently U.S. dominion more widely in the Middle East. A lot of people got very very rich because of this war. They already have their victory (or their “reward,” as the Good Book calls it).

The Republican Party was perverted, and then destroyed, by the perpetrators of this war. Patriotism was perverted into love of government because of this war. Both parties are to blame for using the war as an excuse to blow money out of the Fed and destroying our currency and our economy because of the lies that formed the foundation for this war.

Social conservatives have been taken for granted, and then ignored, for ten years because of this war. The culture of government became even more crass and vulgar than the popular culture because of this war.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis died because of this war. Thousands of Americans were killed or injured — and the care of the survivors will cost over a trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities because of this war. And now the American Exceptionalists are going to start another war, this one with Iran and its allies, because of this war, all the while blaming that nasty Obama for all of our travails.

So where’s the victory?

9:16 am on December 17, 2011