Why Is the Media So Out of Touch?

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CNN just had a news feature dealing with the suicides committed by military personnel. “One soldier commits suicide each day,” while a “veteran will commit suicide every 80 minutes.” What is the cause of all this, a problem that even the U.S. military acknowledges? Discussion focused on such causative factors as “problems within the family,” or the lack of adequate government programs to counsel those contemplating suicide. I didn’t hear one voice suggest that the explanation may lie in the innate insanity of the war system itself; that making a career out of killing strangers in foreign lands is so destructive of the spiritual and moral nature of what it means to be human, that otherwise psychological healthy men and women can no longer put up with being a part of such a system. Perhaps a photo of a young soldier who has just hanged himself should be distributed, with the words “Be All You Can Be in the Army” inscribed beneath it!

1:43 pm on July 12, 2012