Why Is Louis Freeh Suddenly a Hero?

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The accolades are pouring in for Louis Freeh, who has released the Freeh Report on the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State. I doubt I will read it, given that it will lead to a number of bad laws and policies that ultimately will result in the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of innocent people. Jerry Sandusky, after all, was caught and convicted.

The same Louis Freeh who now is being lionized in the media is the same Louis Freeh who presided over the massacre at Waco and who participated in the cover-up afterward. This is the same Louis Freeh who falsely accused scientist Wen Ho Lee of espionage, and whose agents bungled case after case. James Bovard summarizes the brutality and ineptness of the FBI, including the Freeh era.

Let’s be honest. Anyone with a pulse could have done the investigation that Freeh and his minions did in the Penn State scandal. And don’t forget that Jerry Sandusky is in prison while the murderers at Waco went free(h).

2:29 pm on July 13, 2012