Why I Love College Football

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Not having TV reception at my place, I saw the Rose Bowl at a friend’s house, and I will say it was worth it to stay up half the night to see the finish. Since my team (Tennessee) managed to qualify for the Tidy Bowl this season, I did not have a dog in the hunt for a national championship, so I could just sit back and watch Texas and Southern Cal go at it.

For all you pro football fans out there, I must say that the excitement generated at this game was much greater than anything the overhyped Stupor Bowl can muster. The Stupor Bowl must depend upon Janet Jackson flashing something in order to be interesting, while the Rose Bowl had all the important action on the field.

Vince Young aptly demonstrated why the Heisman voters might have made a teensy-weensy mistake this season by voting for Reggie Bush. Young looked like a man among boys tonight, especially on the winning drive.

So, while the NFL playoffs are just beginning, as far as I am concerned, the Real Football Season has just ended. And it ended in style.

1:04 am on January 5, 2006