Why I Believe Ron Paul Is So Effective

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There is no doubt that Ron Paul has brought about a most ironic revolution. Most people with extremely devoted followers tend to be fiery on the stump and masters of the art of being seen everywhere. Their style, while creating rabid followers, also creates enemies, for they seek not just to have influence over others, but power — lots of power — as well.

Dr. Paul, on the other hand, is a mild-mannered person who clearly has not sought power in all of the years he has been in Congress. He always has been approachable and humble and kind to others. While such a style is not welcome in Washington, where power and the abuse of power are worshiped, nonetheless, when combined with his libertarian ideas, people who are tired of what Washington is doing to us gravitate toward Dr. Paul. He really is different, and I think people can sense that he is not someone who is trying to climb the ladder of power, and that he believes Washington should be leaving others alone.

Contrast him to another member of Congress in the Houston area, Sheila Jackson Lee, who fittingly is called the “Congressional Boss from Hell.” Lee not only abuses her staff members regularly, but she also believes that government should be slapping around everyone else. Not surprisingly, her voting record reflects her belief that no part of our lives should be separate from government rule. And not surprisingly, she gets a lot more positive press in Washington than does Dr. Paul.

When I say that Dr. Paul is “effective,” I don’t mean necessarily “effective” in Washington. His name is not on a zillion bills that are passed into law, nor is he the subject of fawning coverage from the mainstream media and MSNBC and the other mainstream broadcasters. He is not going to be President of the United States. However, his effectiveness has been in reminding others that there is a real alternative to the police state that Washington has created, and that message has appealed to a lot of people who simply believe they have nowhere else to turn.

7:52 am on June 27, 2012