Why has the Supreme Court banned cameras from the courtroom?

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So TV comedians can’t ridicule them for stuff like this exchange, wherein Justice Breyer (inventor of “active liberty,” wherein the government has the liberty to take action against you) said:

In my experience when I was 8 or 10 or 12 years old, you know, we did take our clothes off once a day, we changed for gym, okay? And in my experience, too, people did sometimes stick things in my underwear.

This comes, of course, in the context of deciding whether schools can strip-search students.

To defrock our black-robed dictators of their mystique — and make people less inclined to respect their power to make these types of decisions — there should be cameras in the courtroom, and in the justices’ conference room and chambers, too.

5:06 pm on April 21, 2009