Why ‘Government’ and ‘Competent’ Are Oxymorons

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The newly hired director for Massport, the bureaucracy that runs Boston’s Logan Airport, frankly admits, “I’m obviously not an expert in aviation…” So why did Massport’s board choose him? There are probably many reasons, including favors owed and personal ties, but the one for public consumption is “He’s a guy that cares about public service.”

Yep, I kid you not. Thomas Glynn has spent most of his life slurping at the public trough: he was the “general manager of the MBTA, and US deputy labor secretary in the Clinton administration.” Which allows Massport’s board to gush, “He has a tremendous track record, whether it’s … in labor or in transportation. And so while he’s being modest about maybe not being an expert on flying a plane, it’s not why we hired him. We hired him because he’s a tremendous leader and public servant. And what the board expects and the governor expects is a leader to take what we believe is a good agency” — Ha! You believe wrong, buddy — “and take it to the next level.”

Imagine a supermarket, bowling alley, or doctor’s office hiring someone to run the place who knows nothing of groceries, bowling, or medicine. But hey, the ignoramus has a tremendous track record otherwise.

9:06 am on September 21, 2012