Why Does This Not Surprise Me About Cops?

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Regarding my post on Five Wives Vodka, a bar manager in southern California writes:

I could give you hair-pulling examples for days, but I’ll limit it to one particularly ugly example — which has become known as a Pseudo Intoxicated Decoy (or “decoy cop”). A sober cop will enter a bar, act intoxicated, ask for a drink, then bust the bartender for serving over the “legal” limit. The restaurant or bar will get cited and fined, their liquor license can either be revoked or renewal can become painfully expensive, and the bartender will most likely lose his or her job. A similar tactic is used by police who employ an underage person (their target age is 20) to stand outside a liquor store and solicit an of-age patron to buy them something. If they do, they are either cited and fined, or booked and jailed. They call it “shoulder tapping.”

Cops should be like firefighters, says Mike Crovelli.

5:02 pm on May 31, 2012