Why Didn’t We Reform Smallpox Instead of Eradicating It?

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Roger Dow is president of the US Travel Association and seems to be one of the very few who get it: “According to the US Travel Association, the US economy is missing out on $85 billion in consumer spending and 900,000 jobs because American travelers are avoiding flying due to the ‘hassles of air travel’. ’A 2010 study…found that American travelers would take an additional two to three flights per year if the hassles in security screening were eliminated,’ the US Travel Association said.”

And so Mr. Dow testifies today at a bull session Our Rulers dignify as “The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs.” He’s “expected” to advocate “reforming” the TSA. Which is rather like reforming bubonic plague.

This might be an excellent time to let both him and the US Travel Association know that only the TSA’s abolition, not reform, will woo you back onto planes. Snail-mail them at the U.S. Travel Association, 1100 New York Avenue, NW 
Suite 450,
Washington, DC 20005. Phone them at (202) 408-8422; the 
fax is (202) 408-1255. Or you can email:

11:09 am on November 2, 2011