Why Can’t Fraternities Be More Like…Sororities?

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Expect the orchestrated anti-maleism of the intellectual class and higher education to end in the abolition of fraternities. Why, why, they are composed of nasty men, who engage in voluntary “hazing” and other icky activities. The members drink, too–too much say the media–though if true, the role of the federal government is ignored. The Reagan regime raised the national drinking age from 18 to 21, cutting off young men from normal social drinking in bars and restaurants.. Will the fraternities move off campus and away from man-hating administrators? Let’s hope, though colleges and universities will try to ban them, too. All-male education and clubs have been virtually abolished in the land of the flea, though not all-female ones. The later is, of course, OK. Indeed, all-anything organizations are simply an exercise of freedom and private property. Nothing wrong with that!

BTW, congratulations to Fred Reed, whose article on The Wussification of Boys has been added to the Do Not Read List in feminist DC.

12:14 pm on June 12, 2014