Why Are Libertarians Upset . . .

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over the gurglings of Gov. Christie and other conservatives about the wicked libertarians? Hasn’t it been evident for a number of years now that what we are witnessing is the resurrection of classical liberalism? Like the classic liberals – before their name was taken away by the left wing of the rampant statism faction, to be opposed by the right wing of Leviathan – modern libertarians distrust power, oppose wars and police-states, focus on individual liberty and respect for private property, and can tell the difference between free-market capitalism and the business-system.  Ron Paul’s statement – during the 2012 campaigns – that he had a better chance of getting elected president than getting nominated by the Republicans, reflects this transformation. It is a change that Rothbard long envisioned. His efforts continue to be a major catalyst for what is going on in our world. So, let the Christies, Bachmanns, McCains, Grahams, Giulianis, Reagan-worshippers, and the other modern Tories – who can occasionally throw the word “liberty” into their babblings to mislead the Boobeoisie – stake out their claims to immunity from principled thinking.

11:39 am on July 28, 2013