Who’s the Cockiest?

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Tom Sowell lambastes Obama’s “cocky ignorance” for blaming domestic problems on foreign wars.

But let’s put this in context. Wasn’t it Bush’s “good friend,” Vicente Fox, who called him… “the cockiest guy I’ve ever met”? (Hint: yes)

And “ignorant”? Does anyone think Obama is more ignorant than Bush?

Come on, let’s not always see the same hands.

From the looks of Townhall’s commenters, it appears that the FauxCons are going to tell the electorate to be “very very afraid” of Obama — and they will also feel superior for “supporting the troops.” Talk about the audacity of hope.

Trouble is, Obama is looking for some very pertinent information: why the rise in soldier suicides in Iraq? Is it another forbidden question?

4:06 pm on June 15, 2008