Whodda Thunk Our Polyester-Clad Rulers Subscribe to Vogue?

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As if torturing a dying woman weren’t enough, Our Rulers are now arresting passengers for what they wear. Yongda Huang Harris is a 28-year-old US citizen who recently returned from a trip to Japan. When he disembarked in Los Angeles, “U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers noticed he was wearing … [a] bulletproof vest under his trench coat, along with flame-retardant pants and knee pads.”

You might assume potentates who play kingmakers all over the world, elevating those dictators who please them while slaughtering those who don’t, would consider themselves too high and lofty to bother with their serfs’ taste in fashion. But no. The TSA has long judged us on our sartorial taste, and now it seems the xenophobic busybodies at CBP do, too.

Poor Mr. Harris also checked a suitcase containing “a suspicious array of knives and other weaponry … , including a smoke grenade, a hatchet, a biohazard suit, a collapsible baton, masks, duct tape, leg irons and plastic restraints, authorities say.” Hmmm. Perhaps Mr. Harris is one of those “authorities,” given these telltale accouterments. At any rate, however “suspicious” the items may be, they “do not violate Transportation Security Administration guidelines for what is permissible in checked luggage, and the protective vest and pants are not listed among items prohibited on flights.”

But the while the “smoke grenade,” which is clearly labeled “non-explosive,” doesn’t appear on the TSA’s silly list of “Prohibited Items,” it is “banned from planes under the United Nations’ explosives shipping rules.” And yet Our Rulers and the media ridicule anyone who insists we’re hurtling towards a one-world government. Meanwhile, flouting the diktats of an international coffee-klatch that has no jurisdiction over us apparently provides Leviathan with all the excuse it requires to persecute Mr. Harris, who “graduated from Boston University’s Metropolitan College in January 2011 with a bachelor of science in biomedical laboratory and clinical sciences, said Constance Phillips, the program director. She called Harris a shy, good student who completed several internships performing research at well-known labs in the Boston area.” Nor did this upstanding young man have a “criminal record,” any “link[s] to a terrorist organization” — OK, that rules out his being one of the aforementioned “authorities” — or “plan[s] to damage the plane…” Furthermore, as the Feds admit, “it’s not likely a smoke grenade could bring down the aircraft…” No matter: they are set on ruining Mr. Harris.

Their victim has wisely remained silent as his assailants howl about his clothing and his belongings — which is his right, as his attorney points out. Good for him! Here’s hoping he continues snubbing and infuriating these bullies, thieves, meddlers, perverts, and tyrants.

Let me emphasize again that Mr. Harris broke not a single one of the TSA’s risible regulations. (Which makes his arrest even more outrageous since it is totally arbitrary.) Rather, if he chose to do so, he looked as if he could defend himself from the TSA’s retribution (which can include physical torture). And that is his only “crime.”

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government…”

8:43 am on October 12, 2012