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You’ll recall that in 2012, Obummer signed the NDAA. This legislation authorizes the military to arrest and “indefinitely detain” American citizens Obummer dislikes — no charges, indictment or trial, and certainly no lawyers or evidence, necessary. Yep, that violates the Constitution. Big time. Not to mention American tradition, the last millennium of habeas corpus, and common decency. So Mr. Constitutional Law Professor insisted that he signed the bill with “serious reservations.” He also lied–sorry, promised that he would never, ever use NDAA’s powers — no, of course not, he merely collects such prerogatives as you or I would books or china cups, so he can set them on a shelf and admire them.

Several people immediately challenged the NDAA in court. And for a guy who so unenthusiastically signed the legislation in 2012 — and in 2013 as well — he has most vigorously defended it. Time after time, his lawyers have averred that it’s perfectly Constitutional to seize Americans merely on the president’s say-so, imprison them, and throw away the key. Judge Katherine Forrest declined to cooperate with such blatant evisceration of the Constitution and suspended the NDAA. Once again, Ole Reluctant Signer sprang into action, immediately appealing to the Second Circuit to overturn her ruling.

That hearing took place yesterday in New York City. And during the proceedings, Judge Lewis Kaplan “raised the fact that the ‘Executive Branch has been known to make things up.’”

Pretty bad when even the rubber-stamping courts admit that the Thief-in-Chief is a pathological liar.

1:24 pm on February 7, 2013