Who Knew Cops Suffer From a Surfeit of Sympathy?

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But one devotee of fascism is out to eradicate any “hesitation” the costumed thugs may feel at killing expectant mothers, the elderly, or little kids: this corporation manufactures targets for cops to shoot that feature pictures of such folks aiming guns at their predators.

Thanks to John Windsor for a link to the company’s website, which he sent me ¬†about 12 hours ago. I clicked on it then but didn’t have time to blog. When I clicked again a few moments ago, I received an error message, “Server too busy.” Yeehaw! –because in the meantime, Mr. Windsor told me he took the link from a post he saw at “Daily Paul,” and Bill Martin also sent me the story from Alex Jones’ website (to which I link above). It seems then that patriots all over the country have bombarded the company’s server to see for themselves how Our Rulers and their fascist regime have declared open season even on the most vulnerable among us.

8:30 pm on February 19, 2013