Who Is Sam Dodson?

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Some months ago I posted a link to a video of one Sam Dodson who in his spare time set up quite a detailed set of videos analyzing many of the incoherent (and aggressive) sets of rules under which government court systems operate.

Now Dodson is behind bars for recording video in the lobby of the Keene, NH District Court, and has been imprisoned since April 13th. In addition to the statists’ catch-all charge of “disorderly conduct” they have also charged him with “refusal to process” for invoking his supposed right to remain silent and “resisting arrest” for not assisting the gang in their theft of his freedom. The judge has ordered the jail to keep him there until he decides to obey and give them his legal name.Minutes after his arrest, six other peaceful liberty activists were arrested for not leaving the court lobby after the prosecutor (who is also a cop) demanded they leave the ostensibly public/government “property.” They had remained there to monitor the screams of Dodson from the other room he’d been dragged into. Many other liberty activists were on the scene that weren’t arrested and they had video cameras operating outside as every armed gang member in the vicinity was called in to handle the arrests: Keene police, county sheriffs, and state cops.

A common critique of activism and civil disobedience is that those participating in it accomplish nothing other than being jailed or fined, putting their property and lives at stake. Sure, the last part is probably accurate but there is something that I think is accomplished nonetheless: spreading the word about the beast that is the state. Also, it might keep the petty tyrants on their toes in case public opinion were to change against them, even if only marginally.

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11:24 pm on April 28, 2009