Who Are the Savages?

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The Huaorani tribe in Ecaudor, became famous among evangelicals for, first, killing 5 American missionaries in 1956 and then converting to Christianity due to the efforts of the missionaries’ relatives. (This story was made into a film last year). This tribe had been known for its savagery and was on the verge of wiping itself out, “…the Huaorani became one of the most violent cultures ever documented… Around the time of World War II, there was a great increase of inter-clan killings, resulting in the deaths of as many as 60% of the Huaorani.”

Watching a documentary about this, my wife showed me this startling scene…

Huaorani tribesman and his wife, Mincaye and Tementa were watching old films about the bombing of European cities during WWII. They asked, “How can they see those people, how do they know who they are killing?”

Answer: “They don’t. They’re not trying to see who they’re killing. They’re just killing everybody that’s in there.”

The tribesman and his wife responded… “they just could not imagine that anybody would be so savage as to go and kill people that they didn’t even know.”

3:44 pm on January 19, 2007