White House Alters Bin Laden Death Scenario Significantly

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Reliable news reports inform us today that bin Laden did not fire any weapon at anyone and that he did not use his wife or a woman as a human shield. The White House changed its stories that were put out by some officials. The news articles are here and here. It’s a reasonable inference that bin Laden had no weapon; for if he had had one, we would have now been told that important detail. This episode reflects poorly on the state of White House communications. The decision to dump his body into the ocean reflects poorly on the judgment of those in power. If they cannot get such lower-level matters straight, how little trust can anyone have in their decisions on far weightier matters!

These changes make it fully clear that the Navy Seal executioners murdered bin Laden summarily on behalf of Barack Hussein Obama. I already made that charge based on my reading of the earlier news reports and my assessment that bin Laden offered no resistance and that stories to the contrary were implausible as was the story that he used a woman as a shield. I’ve pointed out in an earlier blog some weeks ago that the burden is on readers to interpret news stories in this day and age. This is a clear example.

6:39 am on May 4, 2011