Which Fraud Is Most Appealing?

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With the ever-changing global cooling, oops, global warming, uh, that is, climate change, frauds to deal with, we might ask ourselves whether we would continue to seek the advice of a physician who told us “I don’t know whether you have a brain tumor or appendicitis, but I do know that you are in dire need of major medical treatment right now!” The political establishment with its endless supply of threats and fears – marketed by its media and academia branches – desperately seeks to reinforce its authority over our minds. Whether it be “terrorism,” or “asteroids,” or “carbon emissions,” or “Islamists,” or “illegal aliens” (be they from Central America or the planet Xanipticon), or “raw milk,” every condition becomes a basis for expanding state power.  It brings to mind the definition of a statist: a person with a leash, searching for a dog.

8:11 am on June 4, 2013