Where Is Caligula’s Horse When We Need Him?

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It is almost amusing to see so much hand-wringing coming from G O P (Governing Oligarchs’ Puppets) members of Congress over Obama’s threats to circumvent the legislative branch and rule by executive edicts.  “Oh, what are we to do; what are we to do?,” they whine, revealing themselves to be as useless as legs on a snake. Some have been so bold as to suggest taking the question to . . . (are you prepared for this?) the courts!  If these wimps can still find copies of the Constitution, they might read Article II, Section 4, which gives to Congress the powers of “impeachment.”  Those whose sense of history predates 9/11, might recall that period in ancient history when Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about his sexual behavior in the Oval Office. Either the GOPers continue to regard lying about sex to be a greater offense than the wholesale dismantling of the Constitution – a document that their pre-Obama philosopher-king dismissed as “just a damned piece of paper” – or, perhaps, they are hoping that the Supreme Court would have more courage and integrity than do they.

Perhaps “legs on a snake” is an appropriate metaphor for this crowd: they might then struggle to stand on their legs on behalf of a principle with greater significance than the question of the alleged misbehavior of Governor Christie!

9:14 pm on February 1, 2014