Where Did It All Go?

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Daylight Saving Time is ending this weekend, with no report on the location of all of the daylight that has been saved. Can we retrieve any of it in the event that the economy goes further downhill, and we will be suffering darker days? I have flown to Europe on a number of occasions, taking the “great circle” route where there is constant sunlight: is this where all that saved daylight is being stored? And what interest rates are we receiving from our savings? Will the federal government impose a tax on us for the value of our savings? Will we – a la Bastiat – have our use of daylight regulated by the state, and will a sunset provision be incorporated into the measure? In the spirit of egalitarianism, perhaps daylight will be redistributed from regions with greater amounts of daylight to those with lesser. This way, perhaps, government programs will leave Americans uniformly in the dark regarding their costs, purposes, and benefits.  Was the failure of medieval states to generate such daylight saving plans the reason this period is referred to as the Dark Ages? Perhaps Wolf Blitzkrieg can explain it all to us in a CNN Special Report!

6:25 pm on November 1, 2013