When Worlds Collide

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So I’m listening to a jazz guitar podcast by Nick Carver (I mentioned it previously) and suddenly I hear the name “Hoppe”! Turns out that if I go to his other podcast, he has links to an article by Hoppe and Bettina Bien Greaves’s Mises.org article on Rand and the Austrians as well as an Amazon link to Hoppe’s book on Democracy.

Jump to 6:15 in this podcast (mp3) to hear his comments on politics (about a 7 minute segment) which include a layman’s summary of one of the main arguments in Hoppe’s “Democracy: The God That Failed”. It is fascinating to hear this intelligent layman find answers to his frustration with politics in libertarian theory. Here’s a quote showing how ripe he was for libertarian ideas:

I was critical under the Clinton administration of some of the things going on. And now I see the Republicans. They’ve got the absolute best situation. They’ve got the White House, they’ve got Congress, they can just do whatever they want to do which mostly involves spending as much of our money as possible to do the stupidest possible things.

4:38 pm on January 5, 2006