When Torture is “Legalized” By Government It Ain’t Torture

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The contemptible neocon tool, Liz Cheney, is on MSNBC’s Morning Joe defending her criminal father’s pro-torture regime. All she can do is repeat, over and over, that since there were “legal memos” outlining the methods that could and could not be used against the regime’s prisoners, that makes it official: it’s legal. And if it’s declared legal it cannot be called torture. And she maintains that whenever agents of the United States in the torture camps would “know” that a prisoner knew something about some terror strike in the US, that was an automatic enabling mechanism for the Cheney-Bush legalized torture machine. When we know that they know, let’s roll. Lest we forget that the Bush gang also “knew” that there were WMDs in Iraq, thereby enabling the very official and therefore “legal” act of war that followed.

Oh … and what happened to all of those terror strikes in the US that these victims of torture supposedly *knew* about?

7:36 am on May 12, 2009