When It Comes to Checking Privilege, Dogs Don’t Get a Pass Either

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One of yesterday’s posts on here recalls another article Slate published on canines and racism.  It centered around Percy, a supposedly racist pit-bull terrier rescued from Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn.  It turns out that Percy once growled and barked at a couple of Hispanic men carrying buckets of fish.

However, when you read the article carefully, you learn from the family that adopted Percy that not only was Percy good natured and sweet, he demonstrated no consistent pattern of aggression toward Hispanics or blacks. That is, Slate’s “Case of the Prejudiced Pit Bull” was bogus by the article’s own contradictions.

No matter, the stigmatized Percy began a “sort of doggie diversity training” under a black trainer where he “improved,” but apparently still exhibited some persistent episodes of non-racism.

Butler Shaffer will probably be interested to know that on the news for parrots, a spokesman for parrots said he was glad that no parrots were involved or deemed racist.  No spokesperson for bollards or lorries could be found.  Maybe Butler can help us figure out if bollards or lorries can be racist too.  I’m kind of on the fence but probably could be swayed either way. [If you’re completely confused, Google “Monty Python bollards parrots” and read some of Butler’s old posts on the gag]

7:39 pm on July 1, 2014