When I Call Warren Buffett a Bolshevik Billionaire…

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…I know of what I speak:

“He [Romney] makes his money the same way I make my money,” Buffett said. “He makes money by moving around big bucks, not by straining his back or going to work and cleaning toilets or whatever it may be. He makes it shoving around money.” [Where does the money come from to pay those “real” workers to do those jobs, Warren, you MORON?]

Yeah, Warren, you’re such a “greedy, capitalist pig.” In reality, what Romney’s Bain Capital does is very important in the marketplace. On the other hand, Buffett—having made his billions in the second biggest scam (the Fed being the first) ever perpetrated on the sheeple—is the richest fraudulent huckster in the history of the NYSE.

And, for the umpteenth* time, Warren, if you’re feeling such “guilt” over not paying enough in robbery taxes (“funny” how he protected all of his wealth in his tax-exempt foundation throughout his wealth-accumulating career rather than paying taxes to his beloved government like the rest of us sheeple), you can always mail the U.S. Treasury a very generous check.
*If anyone reading this post (such as a Bershire Hathaway shareholder) has Warren Buffett’s email address, please put Buffett out of his misery and email him the link to the U.S. Treasury’s gift program. Thanks.

7:22 pm on January 23, 2012