When Hypocrites Prattle — and Stupid Ones, too

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In what gets my vote for “Best Lede Ever at Politico,” a story there begins, “The Transportation Security Administration might be allowed to grope airline passengers in the name of homeland security — but using software to spy on its employees’ computer activity is going too far, said a pair of House Democrats.”

Specifically, the-utterly-enslaved-to-unions Sheila Lee (TX) and Bennie Thompson (Miss). Their shriveled little hearts bleed for the TSA’s brutes — now members of the American Federation of Government Employees — whose keystrokes and emails might now be subject to Big Brother’s prying eyes. Indeed, in a letter to John “The Pervert” Pistole, head deviant at the TSA, they sniffed, “It is difficult to see how this serious infringement of constitutionally protected rights would provide a concomitant increase in the nation’s security.”

Is it me, or does the TSA routinely, thoroughly, and criminally violate other “constitutionally protected rights” without “provid[ing] a concomitant increase in the nation’s security”? Meanwhile, these elected imbeciles imply that if “this serious infringement” did “provide” such an “increase,” they’d throw those “constitutionally protected rights” right under the bus. What principled rats swarm on Capitol Hill!

8:19 am on June 29, 2012