When Did George Zimmerman Become ‘White’?

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We’re always being told by the Left that Latinos are “people of color” like Black people. So how come the man who is accused of wrongfully shooting Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman—who is half-Latino (Peruvian, to be precise)—is being depicted as a “White” man? He sure looks Latino to me. I don’t see half-White Barack Obama ever being depicted as a White man (probably because he looks Black).

Isn’t it interesting that when the Left in this country want to whine about racism, they always throw in “oppressed” Latinos with Black people and refer to both as one monolithic “people of color” (as if the ancestors of today’s Latinos voluntarily coming here for a better life is equivalent to the ancestors of today’s Black people who were forced to come here to be slaves). Yet when it suits the Left’s political purposes, all of a sudden a Latino is considered “White.” (Actually, the term “Latino” does not signify one’s race. It was the Left who magically turned Latinos into “people of color” for political purposes.)

By the way, I am not defending Zimmerman. I have no idea what transpired between him and Trayvon Martin. I’m just pointing out how the phony Left will conveniently ignore a “person of color’s” color when that “person of color” can be used to promote a political agenda of the Left.

Half-'White' George Zimmerman

6:43 pm on April 3, 2012