When A Sociopath Prattles to Psychopaths

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Gen. Keith Alexander ought to give even criminally insane narcissists like Obummer pause. This is the maniac who wasted our taxes on duplicating the Star Ship Enterprise – I kid you not – as his office (easy to do when you can bury whatever astronomical amount such vanity cost in a “black” budget). That by itself indicates his immorality and mental instability, let alone his pathological lying every time he opens his mouth.

No matter: a “security conference in Washington today[,]…which was attended primarily by government and industry officials specializing in cybersecurity” and fascism, asked him to deliver  “a keynote speech.” Yep, rejoice even if your job is cleaning toilets or flipping burgers: at least you aren’t required to applaud as a wannabee Capt. Picard spews his evil.

At any rate, Alexander/Picard made the pitch you might expect: he needs more power. The despot is already eavesdropping on the whole world as well as reading and collecting all our emails, but that isn’t enough: no, terrorists could begin shooting up malls here in the ol’ Homeland, too (yes, he actually said that), if the “government and industry officials” listening to his whoppers should begin nibbling away at his authority. Pssst, Picard: they won’t, you stupid wuss. Their job is to cover your sorry butt, make it look as though your snooping is saving civilization with only the odd crank here and there objecting, and they know it. Why don’t you? Don’t you read history? Do you know nothing of Leviathan and its many ways to gull the serfs after worshipping the beast your entire life?

At any rate, Alexander/Picard whined, “Congress is back in session. This [debate over the false dichotomy of liberty vs. security] is going to pick up … The American people have to weigh in and get the tools we need to protect this country and defend our civil liberties and privacy.”

Yo, Jean-Luc: we already have “weighed in.” We want you and your sidekick Clapper thrown in a cage or horsewhipped or beheaded or something and your agency abolished – not reformed, you unspeakable deviant, but abolished (hear that, Rand? Apply it to the TSA, too).

Meanwhile, Alexander/Picard also “urged technology and government leaders … to help ‘get the facts out’” – ahem: don’t bother, Fascists. Ed Snowden already did, thank you very much – “and ‘get our nation to understand why we need these tools.’” Oh, we understand. Far better than you think we do.

Nor did Alexander/Picard hesitate to lie baldly and boldly yet again: “Pointing to Section 215, the provision in the PATRIOT Act under which the NSA has sought telephone call logs in bulk, Alexander emphasized: ‘There is no content, there [are] no names, just the numbers. That’s it. That’s all we asked for.’” Then he unabashedly called for Fascism-with-a-capital-“F” while blaming the media for our fury at his spying on us: “Our industry have [sic] taken a beating on this, and it’s wrong … We look at what’s going on with media leaks, and what’s happened to industry as a consequence of that. … And now we need industry to work with us on cyber legislation.” By that, he means he wants “the authority for us to share with [corporations] and them to share with us. But because some of that information is classified, we need a way to protect it … Right now, we can’t see what’s happening in real time. We’ve got to share it with them, and potentially with other countries.” Such as Israel?

Sounds like a parody, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you think that sooner or later, Our Rulers would pull the plug on this creep, that they’d realize even if he became Total Dictator Of The Entire Universe And Every Critter In It, he’d want still more?

But they don’t, because they’re as sick as he is.

12:38 pm on September 25, 2013