When a Cop is Charged with Assault…

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… he can count on much gentler treatment than that given to “mundanes” in the same situation.

Take the case of Orlando police officer Fernando Trinidad, caught on video two years ago throwing a woman named Jessica Asprilla down the stairs at a local nightclub. Trinidad then compounded the crime by filing a battery charge against his victim — as if she had defiled his holy personage merely by coming into contact with him.

After the incident was made public, Trinidad was reassigned to airport security, an ironically appropriate gig for someone accused of criminal behavior in an official capacity.

Trinidad now confronts the prospect of prosecution for criminal assault. In the meantime he’s still on the force in an administrative capacity; this means that while he can’t make arrests or wear a badge or an officially issued costume, he’s still employed.

His victim, however, lost her job after Trinidad filed his spurious criminal charge against her.

4:21 pm on May 20, 2009