What’s the Matter with Texas?

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Something sure is, when Dick Cheney’s endorsement can be a boon to a statewide campaign there.

The GOP’s numbers continue to dive, but look at the other side of the ledger: the percentage of hard-core pro-war trough-dweller big-government imperial-outreach security-industry patriot-act diehards who stay in the party rises as sensible conservatives continue to bail from the GOP.

And never forget the Armageddonites. During the 2008 campaign, Hutchinson, who backed McCain, pointedly refused to criticize the notorious anti-Catholic John Hagee, Pastor of the Cornerstone Baptist Church in San Antonio. Hagee’s support for McCain was so critical that Huckabee went down and preached at Cornerstone the Saturday before the Iowa caucuses (Huckabee himself fanned the flames of bigotry by attacking the faith of his Mormon opponent, Mitt Romney). Hagee stuck with McCain through the South Carolina primary, but McCain eventually had to disavow his support because of Hagee’s bigotry.

Cheney’s endorsement of anybody after the ruinous debacles he orchestrated is just another sad  reminder that the GOP apparat is firmly in the grasp of the neocons and the trough-dwellers — and that no one is likely to resuscitate the GOP cadaver any time soon.

12:37 pm on October 29, 2009