What Would Thomas Jefferson Think . . .

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. . . of the latest attempt by the Obammunists to destroy Mitt Romney once and for all politically by accusing him of The Ultimate Sin in Contemporary American Society? I speak of course of the recent accusation that, some fifty years ago when Mitt was a teenager, he played a practical joke on a  supposedly homosexual classmate. Off with his head! Now! We can all assume that this story is 100% true, by the way, since everyone knows that all teenagers know with perfect certainty what their sexual preferences are, and that all gay teenagers were totally “out of the closet” fifty years ago, with high school year books routinely putting a “G” next to the yearbook pictures of all the gay students.

The likely answer to the question posed on this blog is that Jefferson would think Americans had become a society of morons.

2:19 pm on May 13, 2012