What Sewer Do These Parents Crawl Out Of?

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You have to look hard anymore to find readers’ comments supporting the TSA. Virtually all their remarks on websites permitting them are overwhelmingly hostile, no matter how neutral or even laudatory the main article or blog.

So I was shocked, sickened, and infuriated at the reaction to this inane drivel, “TSA Finally Realizes Kids Aren’t Terrorists.” Both the author and all 13 of her correspondents glibly assume that the agency’s thieves, thugs, and pedophiles have only our best interests at heart and, that while a tad inconvenient, the checkpoint charade protects us: “I would do anything the TSA thought might catch a terrorist,” one typical troglodyte and bootlicker brags.

Boy, do I feel sorry for Ms. Troglodyte’s children: “Hey, miss,” says LaWanda as Ms. T and her son approach the porno-scanner, “gimme that kid, I gotta take him over there to that office, see, make sure you didn’t hide nuttin up his butt or nuttin. We’ll be right back, you wait here.”

Where else have we seen politicians and bureaucrats abuse children with parents’ permission — nay, approval? Yep, in the regime that inspires the TSA. “In most instances,” writes Dr. Mark Mostert in “Useless Eaters: Disability as Genocidal Marker in Nazi Germany” (reprinted here in non-PDF format)  for the Journal of Special Education, “parents, weary with the significant care issues their child with disabilities generated … were often eager to acquiesce to official urgings that their child be remanded to a state-run facility for ‘expert care.’”

Just as the TSA has publicly groped little kids, with its perverts putting their hands down the tykes’ britches on youtube, so the Nazis were already notorious — and applauded — for “euthanizing” disabled kids. And yet parents then and now blithely swallow the government’s lies about helping them in particular and protecting “society” in general.

As a Christian, I know the Almighty is more than equal to every situation. But how He will ever punish parents this derelict, selfish, and unnatural defies my imagination.

12:50 pm on October 12, 2011