What Really Arouses Limbaugh

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Not the sight of a beautiful woman undressing, apparently, according to all the news reports about Rush’s Viagara stash that was scrutinized by customs agents at the Palm Beach airport yesterday.

But in today’s South Florida Sun-Sentinal newspaper Maureen Dowd’s column was about a “seminar” at the Heritage Foundation that really got ole Rush’s blood flowing, even without Viagara, apparently. It was a discussion of alleged similarities between our heroic Homeland Security bureaucracy and the television show “24,” which portrays a similar bureaucracy where every single bureaucrat is 1) a sheer genius, especially when working with a computer; 2) incredibly hard working; 3) incredibly self-sacrificing; 4) incredibly heroic and daring; 5)incredibly fast at making decisions; and 6) incredibly moral.

Two of the actors from the show were on the podium in a discussion that was chaired by Rush himself. He became, well, quite excited, says Dowd, when he praised the actors for portraying torture in such a postitive light on the show.

2:10 pm on June 27, 2006