What Passes for an Excuse at the TSA

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If you haven’t yet watched the video a father shot while one of the TSA’s thugs harassed his 3-year-old son, and if you can tolerate a little kid’s obvious distress as a goon old enough to know better torments him, you may want to view this footage. It’s angering many of the taxpayers forced to foot the bill for these atrocities.

Indeed, it’s kicked up such a storm that the TSA felt compelled to defend itself yet again. Wanna hear why protests against molesting a toddler confined to a wheelchair because of his broken leg are invalid? Wanna know why Our Rulers are right to assault him and we outraged serfs are wrong to object? Get set, here it is: the man who posted the video mistakenly claimed he shot it at Chicago’s O’Hare when he actually filmed it in Midway. Oh, and the TSA committed this horror in 2010, before it changed — but did not eliminate — its pedophilia. It’s possible that if this little boy with his wheelchair and broken leg were to fly now, he might escape a groping. Might, mind you: “Asked whether the child would still have had his cast and wheelchair” — and himself, but the Chicago Tribune, ever an apologist for Leviathan’s crimes against humanity, doesn’t add that — “patted down and been swabbed for bomb residue if the screening were done after the rule change, TSA officials could not immediately say.”

8:35 am on March 20, 2012