What LRC Readers Buy

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Thanks to everyone buying from Amazon.com through an LRC ad. Some recent purchases that tweaked my interest: a cool, new Ron Paul for President t-shirt; shooting targets for home or range; and the anti-Red Bull libation: Drank Relaxation Beverage. By far, the best-selling book through Amazon in the last two weeks is The Hyperinflation Survival Guide. And people have bought the Mountain House 72-Hour Emergency Meal Kit. Mountain House Survival Foods are recommended by Mike Gaddy, and  they are also available at Nitro-Pak (Emergency Preparedness Food and Gear) .  LRC has joined their affiliate program and receives a 10% commission on orders placed (on-line only).  Just click through one of their ads. And thank  you!

7:57 am on July 7, 2009