What ‘Holiday Weekend’?

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Count on National Propaganda—sorry, Public Radio to hype every “holiday” the State invents. This morning, the announcer read a forecast of warmer weather for the “holiday weekend.” Hmmm, what holiday? I wondered. Halloween’s over, is it Thanksgiving already? Can’t be… Then he added something about “Veteran’s Day.”

I trust no Christian who loves the Prince of Peace will pray for hired killers this Sunday — or, if he does, that he will do so just as he would for the Mob or the escort service down the block, that the Lord will protect all victims of their evil and convict sinners to repent.

Meanwhile, the International Day of Prayer for our persecuted siblings in Christ was last Sunday, November 4. If your church is so heretical as to “celebrate” Veteran’s Day, I’ll bet you ten to one it ignored last week’s commemoration of modern martyrs. Why not suggest that your congregation remedy that this Lord’s Day? IDOP itself says that “while Sunday, November 4, 2012 is the designated date for IDOP, you are free to choose another date if you wish.”

Every American Christian should fervently pray without ceasing for our brothers and sisters suffering imprisonment, actual physical torture, and death for the faith. After all, the time is soon coming when we will need them to return the favor. (From now through Christmas, I am donating proceeds from the sale of my novel, Halestorm, to Voice of the Martyrs. Set during the American Revolution, Halestorm makes an inspiring gift.)

9:16 am on November 8, 2012