What Do Corporate Cronies and Ostriches Have in Common?

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A friend who works for one of the war-contractors forwarded me a memo ordering employees not to access the NSA’s classified document — the one the Guardian uploaded to the internet for everyone and his brother to see. Yet this mega-corporation threatened minions curious to read what their government has been up to on their dime with demerits and black marks in the old personnel file and reporting to various internal authorities. Nor may they peruse the Guardian itself. Yeah, that oughta quash the whole story. Sorta like the toddler hiding under his blankie and moaning, “If I just close my eyes, the monster will go away!”

Meanwhile, let us thank God for the British press. Like the Germans and Russians who relied on foreign media to break stories about their respective totalitarian regimes, Americans must now depend on the Guardian, Daily Mail, et al for the truth about that psychopathic sewer on the Potomac.

Finally, I frequently hear from readers who, like my friend above, work either directly for the Amerikan Empire or at one of its suppliers. All of you tell pretty much the same story: kids, mortgage, late awakening, rue the day, want to quit, ashamed. I remind all of you that you enjoy a prime opportunity there, in the belly of your respective beasts. You’re likely surrounded by True Believers; you may be the only dissident they ever encounter. Go for it! Tell them the tales you tell me; explain how and why you no longer give the State any credence. See how many converts to liberty you can make.

And take inspiration from the Nazis’ slave-laborers. Forced to further that government’s murder and theft, these heroes often sabotaged their “work product.” Be a shame if those porno-scanners your company manufactures for the TSA didn’t unearth all the pennies in a victim’s pocket, now, wouldn’t it?

11:47 am on June 10, 2013