What do Afghanistan and the Bahamas Have in Common?

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In both countries, the NSA records and stores every single phone call in its entirety.

The Intercept recently revealed the NSA’s execrable and omnivorous eavesdropping on two nations. It identified one victim as the Bahamas — hmmm, you’re musing, lots of Bahamian terrorists now? No, the NSA has extended its “mission” to illegal drugs as well. No word on whether it’s bugging the White House, too, with its self-confessed smoker of weed — but coyly refused to name the other. Supposedly, the Feds worried that doing so could incite violence. Rich, isn’t it, that sociopaths who wage wars all over the world worry about inciting violence when someone exposes their evil.

Today, in a wonderfully “up-yours” post, the fearless Julian Assange of WikiLeaks reports that Afghanistan is Country X. Be sure to read his powerful, stirring, unanswerable  indictment of Our Rulers! You’ll cheer, and lustily!

Thanks to Mark Luedtke for the link. Mark also astutely observed, “Proof positive, NSA spying is useless” — as if we needed any more such proof.

11:54 am on May 23, 2014