What Are U.S. Troops Doing Overseas…

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…if they are not defending our freedoms? Well, listen to a soldier who has been overseas who commented on my mention of the quintessential defender of the military:

I just read your recent blog post on LRC and wanted to let you know that as a current member of the U.S. military who has been deployed 5 times to the Middle East, we ARE NOT fighting to defend America’s freedom—we are murdering innocent people and those just fighting to protect their family and livelihoods. My enlistment is up in just over a month and I cannot wait to get out there and be more vocal against this murderous evil empire. I hope that my being a veteran will help give me some credibility. Not all of us are brainwashed, willing murderers for the state, but the military does its best to make sure most of us are. I see right through it all and I commend you, all the contributors to LRC, and the libertarian community as being the only principled anti-(aggressive)war advocates left in this country.

4:53 pm on May 3, 2010