Wewon’tfly.com Hits Another Homer!

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While the statists at Cato join the leftists at EPIC (don’t get me wrong: EPIC does some fine work, but realize that “civil rights” motivate them, not liberty. And civil rights only empower the State) to uphold the bureaucratic regime, the heroes at wewon’tfly.com decided to have some fun.

Last year, a court scolded the TSA for imposing its porno-scanners on us without allowing a “notice-and-comment” period first. This refers to a provision in the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) requiring bureaucracies to ask their serfs if it’s OK to destroy more of their freedom; it was a sop the execrable Franklin Roosevelt threw the many dissidents who objected when his bureaucratic regime usurped Constitutional government. Conveniently for that regime, nothing in the APA says it has to heed our comments, but it does have to request them before foisting a new indignity on us.

Yep, “notice-and-comment” is a sham and an absolute desecration of liberty as it lends dictators a “caring, responsive, transparent” façade. Which explains why the lefties at EPIC fell for it and Cato’s snakes in the grass hopped on board: both have asked the court to force the TSA to institute said “notice-and-comment” period because the agency’s done diddly over the 13 months — and counting — since the court’s reprimand. I guess simply abolishing this vile nest of pedophiles, gate-rapists, thieves, and pathological liars is just too decent for Cato.

Enter wewon’tfly.com. Since the TSA doesn’t want our comments, wewon’tfly does: Head over to the website they’ve established and tell Our deviant, perverted Rulers exactly what you think of them. Yeah, I know: hard to come up with words that bad.

8:26 am on September 12, 2012