We’re Winning, Part II

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Wow, but the hatred for the TSA specifically and government in general absolutely gushes from readers commenting about a gambling ring the TSA busted among its goons at Pittsburgh International Airport! Whether noting that the agency is nothing but a bloated waste of money if its employees can wager on the job or demanding that Our Rulers fire these thugs not for gambling but for sexually assaulting us, Americans clearly despise the TSA and, increasingly, the entire State! And remember, these folks aren’t responding to a libertarian or anarchic website: they’re posting at CBS News!

If politicians had a lick of sense, they would long ago have abolished the TSA. Instead, the TSA and, recently, the NSA have become two of liberty’s staunchest recruiters! Taxpayers’ fury grows; dare we hope our compatriots will soon take the Declaration’s advice that “whenever any form of government becomes destructive of [life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness], it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government…”?

Speaking of which, check out this op-ed from a “former U.S. Senate staffer and State Department/ACDA official,” appearing on the Progressive Huffington Post no less, in which he plainly says the Feds have repeatedly lied — the very word used, multiple times, rather than the media’s preferred euphemism, “misstated” — about Heroic Ed and the NSA! And he calls for impeachment (yes, abolition of the State would be way better, but let’s not spurn the good for the perfect)! Gems include such statements as, “This summer, any weekly reel of headlines about Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency should have served as an embarrassment to the very idea of integrity in public service under the national security state” and “Public lies were — and are — patronizingly peddled from the White House down. Do they take us for fools? … Each branch of the government covers the backside of the other. … The national security state is drowning in its own phlegm.” Then there’s my favorite: “To whom do intelligence civil servants and contractors owe their loyalty? To the state or to the Constitution? They do not equate. To the national security bureaucracies that employ them, or to the citizens that the state is supposed to protect? They are not identical, by a long shot.” Whoa! A Progressive admits this!

Certainly, the writer anguishes for the wrong reason: that Obummer’s whoppers and the government’s espionage against its subjects have tarnished his god, Leviathan. There is no “integrity” in “public service” under the “national security state” or any other form of the State. But, boy, for a former Ruler to admit this! And on HuffPo!

So what’re you gonna do after liberty triumphs? I’m eagerly anticipating my first flight in over a decade — maybe I’ll finally see Italy or Greece and tour the remains of an empire as brutal, tyrannical, and collapsed as ours!

10:36 am on September 20, 2013