Wendy Murphy: Someone Who Simply Cannot Tell the Truth

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In watching the John Stossel video that Karen posted, I could not help but be flabbergasted once again at the evil Wendy Murphy spewing out her usual garbage. Murphy was Nancy Grace’s sidekick during the whole Duke Lacrosse Case, and time and time again Murphy told outright lies on the show and elsewhere.

As one who was closely involved in it, I must say that it was amazing to watch Murphy make up stuff out of whole cloth and then try to pass it off as fact. K.C. Johnson had a field day with her, as even after the North Carolina Attorney General, following a lengthy and thorough investigation, declared the players to be “innocent,” Murphy then made the astonishing claim that the case was dropped because the lacrosse families paid off accuser Crystal Mangum. There was no proof, nothing. Just Murphy’s wild claims.

During the Tonya Craft trial two years ago, which I covered in one of my blogs, Murphy appeared on the “Today Show” as an “expert” on the case. Except Murphy did not know anything about it, and proceeded to tell one falsehood after another. In the American “justice” system today, there seems to be a ready market for lies, and Murphy is an expert at telling them.

8:55 pm on March 11, 2012